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Great Inspirational Quotes by Terrible People

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Words to Live (and Die) By

Who doesn’t love an inspirational quote?

Motivational posters covered all my classroom walls in middle school, and for a good reason: great quotes truly hold meaning that can help you turn your day — and yes, even your life — around. One intelligent quote can give you purpose and drive, and you may keep its message with you for life.

Sometimes you hear a quote so amazing that you just need to know who said it first. Who was this great thinker, this magnanimous people’s philosopher that decided to share their knowledge with us?

Well as it turns out, sometimes you might just be surprised at the name behind the words.

inspirational quotes hitler sun



Start the slideshow below to see some of the most inspirational quotes from terrible people, then SHARE their words!

Mountains Beyond Mountains

inspirational quotes goebbels


Just don’t tell Goebbels, Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda, what your faith is.

No Problem

inspirational quotes stalin


Does that mean it’s “no problem” that Stalin directly and indirectly killed between 35 and 50 million people?