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Grieving Mom’s Husband Dies. Then She Finds This Hidden Stack of 30 Envelopes…

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Words Of Love From The Other Side

wife and dead husband dancing

Source: YouTube/ABC7 WJLA

When Ashley Whisenhunt lost her loving husband Mitchell, she thought she would never have the opportunity to hear from him again. But Mitchell, who succumbed to Marfan syndrome – a rare genetic disorder that effects the body’s connective tissue – was an extremely thoughtful husband, and conceived a special plan to help his grieving wife and their daughter move forward in their lives without him.

One day when Ashley was roaming the house they owned together, she discovered a stack of 30 envelopes and a notebook…

A Treasure Trove of Letters

letter from dead husband

Source: YouTube/ABC7 WJLA

Ashley sat down to see what words Mitchell had left for her in her period of grieving. She opened the notebook first, which was filled with poems Mitchell had written in one of the booklets Ashley was using for school before she dropped out to help take care of her ailing husband.

For His Daughter

letters from dead father

Source: YouTube/ABC7 WJLA

However, the most important thing that Mitchell left behind are the multitude of letters he composed for his family. 18 of them are addressed to the couple’s only daughter, Brynleigh – one for every birthday she has until she turns 18 years old. Ashley plans on respecting her husband’s wishes by leaving the letters unopened until each of her daughter’s birthdays. “The 16th one he even wrote Sweet Sixteen on the front of the envelope,” Ashley told ABC.