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Grieving Mother Hears Her Son’s Heartbeat In Another Child

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Jordan’s Story

jordan drake in hospital

Credit: Donor Network of America

Esther Gonzalez was told her daughter Jordan suffered from congenital heart disease when she was only an infant. As a result the 3-month-old child would eventually need surgery to repair her heart’s faulty valves. It wasn’t long before her condition worsened, and at the age of 5 months the doctors determined that she needed a mechanical one.

Although they performed the procedure, with Jordan’s artificial heart came many detrimental side-effects, and soon they decided if she was going to truly survive she would need to have a full-on heart transplant.

On June 22, 2013 Jordan’s mother received the call that the doctors had found a heart that might be potentially viable for her daughter. The next day she went into surgery.

Making a Connection

jordan drake dressed in pink

Credit: YouTube/Lacey Abotta

“When they said the heart was good, my instant reaction was that my daughter would get a second chance at life,” Gonzalez said. “But then on the flip side it took me about a second to realize that through our joy, another mother was grieving.”

In the same year that Jordan got her transplant her mother Esther Gonzalez reached out to Clark via Facebook as per her request, but the message she sent accidentally went unnoticed by Clark, lost in a folder, digitally tucked away for over two years – until she noticed it this past Thanksgiving.

Clark couldn’t have been more astounded to find the message. Realizing that it’d been sent years ago, she was hopeful when she sent back a response, but wasn’t sure if she would hear back. But two days before Christmas she received word from Esther, and the interchange kicked off a connection that will last a lifetime.

“I just looked at her and I knew,” said Clark to Today. “It got me through the holidays. Being able to sit there and text them and tell them to say to Jordan, “Merry Christmas” — that was insane.”

Setting Up The Meeting

Mother Hears Son's Heartbeat In Another Child

Credit: YouTube/Lacey Abotta

After spending more time communicating with one another, the mothers decided it was time to finally meet. Clark traveled all the way from California to Arizona for the big day, and was excited to see the medical miracle her son had helped complete.

“I think I was more anxious than nervous,” she said. “Anxious to meet Jordan because she’s absolutely wonderful. I was nervous when I first got out of my car and walked up.”