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You Can Now Smell Like Putin, for a Price

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Life of Luxury

putin perfume putin phone case


If perfume isn’t your thing, but promoting your love of Putin is, then don’t forget about the limited-edition gold iPhone 6S case designed in the president’s honor. It came out last October for Putin’s 63rd birthday, and all true Russian patriots certain vied for a chance to own one of the 63 masterpieces.

Putin Fever

putin perfume putin iphone case 2


Created by the Russian luxury phone case company Caviar, these limited-edition beauties cost eager buyers between $3,200 and $3,400. All for pride and country!

But is there a bigger message behind all this patriotic display? Imagine Barack Obama cologne or a Hillary Clinton phone case…actually, both of those things exist.

Many countries love exemplifying their leaders through materialistic goods, after all, money is money, and where there’s a product, there’s a client. Perhaps the real thing to focus on is whose visage you choose to carry around in your pocket and wear on your person. We all have our heroes and we all have our beliefs, but I know that smelling like human-rights-denier certainly isn’t my thing.