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Guess What This Crime Boss Did After Shooting Himself in the Testicle…

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It’s Crying. He Cried a Lot.

Mobsters are supposed to be the toughest guys around, especially when they come from a long line of bad dudes that get busted for things like dealing drugs and getting in gang wars. They’re not supposed to shed tears when they mildly injure themselves. I don’t know if Omar Chaouk has what it takes to follow in his intimidating family’s footsteps if he can’t handle a little graze wound from his own gun. No, Omar, that injury won’t kill you, but it’s sure killing all of us with laughter!

Read more about the sobbing mobster here. It may make you feel more hardcore than a true gangster.

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“Ouch Town, Population: You, Bro”

The Infamous Chaouks

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It all began with Machhour Chaouk who emigrated to Australia in the 1960s to seek better opportunities. He had a normal job working in a factory, and was having plenty of kids with his wife, until he decided to brutally beat a co-worker with metal bars in 1975. That first arrest led Machhour into a life of crime that would eventually kill him and some of his family members.

His Empire

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Machhour decided to make his fortune by delving into the black market, and he was successful at it. We don’t know about all the criminal activities that he was involved in, but he was arrested for trafficking heroin in 1983. He was again charged with assault and burglary in 1984, and assaulted an officer the year after that. He beat a man over a bike in 1991. And went back to jail in 2000 for heroin trafficking again. He seemed to be a busy guy!

With all of this activity, you know that his growing sons would get involved at some point in the family business. The Chaouks were feared throughout Australia.