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Guy With One Leg Comes Up With AMAZING Halloween Costumes… Wait Till You See 2015!

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This guy is better at halloween than you

John Sundquist was diagnosed with bone cancer at age 9, but he never let that hold him back. Following the amputation of his left leg that same year, Sundquist took an interest in skiing and went on to make the 2006 U.S. Paralympic Ski Team, and competed with them in Turino, Italy.

Since 2010, the athlete, motivational speaker, and author has been using his handicap to get ahead in another aspect of life: hilarious halloween costumes. See his best ones yet below, and wait till you see this years!

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One Leg Man Halloween Costume

Source: YouTube @Josh Sundquist

Not the gumdrop buttons!


One Leg Man Halloween Costume

Source: YouTube @Josh Sundquist

Ladies and Gents: The Leg Lamp from A Christmas Story!