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Hackers of Reddit Will Make You Realize How Easy It Is to Steal Your Information

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How Safe Is Your Information?

Depending on how tech savvy you are, you’re probably familiar with varying levels of security and preventative strategies to keep your gadgets and sensitive information safe.

You may know the basics, like using various complicated passwords and changing them often, never clicking on certain websites or suspicious links, and keeping your tech and applications up to date. Still, that might not be enough.

Between email, word documents, and the internet, we store important information like credit card and social security numbers, addresses, health insurance, and various passwords, often blindly trusting that they’ll be safe. For a gifted hacker, however, no security is enough.

Hackers were asked to tell the biggest lapses in security or frightening truths we may not know about our own technology, and it’s sure to make you a lot more paranoid.

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“Wordpass” just isn’t cutting it as a password anymore…

Hacking 101

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DatJazz: You can have the strongest IT system in the world. You can spend billions on software & hardware protection, but if I can ring the new employee called “Cathy” and say “Hey, Cathy, you’re new here right? Yeah it’s John from IT Security, There’s been a breach and I need Sys Admin password quickly so I can patch it up”. “Ok” says Cathy, under stress to fix the problem And there I have it. I got the password.

It’s called Social Engineering and 9 times out of 10 that’s how people hack accounts.

VeXCe: People’s incompetency is the #2 way of getting into systems, by the way

Watch Your Router

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CHUCK_NORRIS_AMA: Any router using WEP is insecure.

Source: using neighbor’s WiFi

Try a WPA2 with a better password instead!