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Handy Differences You Should Know Between British and American English

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fanny pack

Source: Twitter @GammaCounter

An all-around silly word, in the States, you just might have a great aunt named Fanny and no one would bat an eye. And while fanny might be an American euphemism for your behind, this word takes on quite a different meaning for our friends across the pond. In fact, you’d be referring to a woman’s genitals. Kind of changes how I feel about fanny packs.


rubber eraser

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If a pack of rubbers is listed on your kid’s school supplies list in the United States, you might consider transferring. In the UK, however, this would be perfectly normal, since Brits use the term “rubbers” to refer to erasers.



Source: Twitter @BCbassHead

Though I feel like you hear it less these days, spunk in America is used to mean courage or attitude, just like moxie or even balls. The latter association might explain the word’s more recent connotation as a vulgar word for semen. This usage is more prominent in the UK.