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Happy Caturday! Laugh At These Wet Cats!

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Everyone knows that cats hate water. For whatever reason, they are deadly scared of it. Most cats are pretty adept at cleaning themselves, but some kitties just didn’t get the memo. I had a cat that loved rolling around the dirt like a little piggie and trying to capture him to clean him off yielding in many bite and claw marks. Because cats have so much puffy fur, they look kind of ridiculous and pathetic when wetted. Check out some unhappy soggy kitties.

1. The death stare.

2. Halp! I’m melting!

3. He looks like he’s crying!

4. This cat can’t even.

5. This cat is planning her revenge.

6. Aw, fudge.

7. “I’ve seen hell.”

8. “I can haz retribution?!”

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