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Happy Caturday! Peep These One Eyed Cats.

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Aaargh, me hoomin maties! It’s a pirate life for these brave kitties. My cat Ponyo loves to scrap with other cats — she’s the boss of the neighborhood. I wouldn’t be surprised if she came home day looking like these cats. Some of these felines were born with defects and some aquired serious issues or had unfortunate accidents. Anyway you look at them they are still adorable — maybe even more so because their one eyes give them lots of character.

one eyed cat grey and white

Source: Instagram @michelleshirelle

Click through below to see some of cutest cats minus an eye!

1. He’s got the game of a Bond villain.

one eyed cat tabby

Source: Instagram @captainhenryoneeyedcat

2. Where’s the toy?!

one eyed cat with cat toy

Source: Instagram @oneeyedcatclub

3. “Hoomin! I can still see you going to the bathroom!”

white one eyed cat on bathroom sink

Source: Instagram @wheezy_cat

4. The missing eye would be a great place to put laser shooters. Pew pew!

one eyed cat with tongue out

Source: Instagram @oneeyedcatclub

5. Just because they are disabled doesn’t mean they can’t be hams.

four shots of a black and white one eyed cat

Source: Instagram @oneeyedcatclub

6. My, what a big eye you have.

black one eyed cat

Source: Instagram @funnyara