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This Blog Keeps Track of People’s Last Words and It Is Haunting

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Any Last Words?

Do you ever wonder what your final words will be? Our first words as children are likely documented in a baby book somewhere: “mama,” “dada,” “truck,” and the like, but what about the last words we will ever utter in this life?

The Last Message Received Tumblr is a haunting and heartbreaking blog created in November 2015 by 15-year-old Emily Trunko, who set out to document death, loss, and life. “I’ve always been interested in the flurry of emotions that comes with heartbreak,” the Ohio teen said. “I’m a very sensitive person.”

last message tumblr intro

Source: Tumblr/ The Last Message Received

Yet even as she began he project, Emily never could have imagined the impact she would soon have on the lives of thousands, or how quickly her Tumblr would take off. Though the severity of the messages changes drastically between posts–from breakup texts to untimely deaths–the blog represents a menagerie of loss in all its shapes, forms, and pain.

How Will You Say ‘Goodbye’?

Missed Connections

last message tumblr missed connection

Source: Tumblr/ The Last Message Received

How often do we reflect on the time we spent with people who are now in our past? Do you ever reach out to exes or old friends you don’t talk to as much as you’d like to? Little did this boy understand just what he’d lost, or what he’d misunderstood all along.

Good Goodbyes

last message tumblr abuse

Source: Tumblr/ The Last Message Received

Messages like this one, which documents the end of an abusive relationship, help show us that endings and final words can be positive mile markers on our way towards a better life.