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This Blog Keeps Track of People’s Last Words and It Is Haunting

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Unexpected Loss

last message tumblr mom death

Source: Tumblr/ The Last Message Received

Perhaps one of our biggest fears is that death will come quickly, too unexpectedly, and that our final words with loved ones will not be nearly as significant as we had planned. Then again, any final exchanges will soon and over time take on their own meaning and importance.


last message tumblr angry

Source: Tumblr/ The Last Message Received

How often in life do we end relationships on a bad note? Angry words can be the hardest ones to move past, regardless of what the heart actually feels. Have you ever ended a friendship or more serious relationship with painful words that you just can’t let go of?

When You’re the Best of Friends

last message tumblr cancer

Source: Tumblr/ The Last Message Received

One of the more heartbreaking excerpts from the Tumblr, this submission is just one of many examples of people dealing with the loss of a best friend or loved one due to cancer. ‘Copper’ is lucky to have this sweet exchange as a final lasting memory.