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Haunting Forest of Crooked Trees Still Baffles Scientists

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Like Something Out of a Fairy Tale…

It’s called the Crooked Forest, and it’s pretty clear how it got that name.

What’s not clear is how over 400 pine trees in the isolated forest in Poland came to be crooked in the first place.

Many theories abound, such as very heavy snowfall or a manmade machine that caused all the young trees to bend on purpose after they were planted sometime around 1930. Now, over 80 years later, it would seem that the answer to the mystery is lost in time.

Photographer Kilian Schönberger recently released some hauntingly beautiful photos of the lovely but unsettling forest to his social media accounts, introducing many new fans to marvel at the curiously-formed trees.

poland crooked tree forest 2

Source: Instagram @kilianschoenberger

Start the slideshow below to see this incredible collection of images from the Crooked Forest, then SHARE the mystery.

poland crooked tree forest 1

Source: Instagram @kilianschoenberger

poland crooked tree forest 7

Source: pixabay