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Here Are Some Important Lessons People Learned From Their First Relationship

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You should still have a great support system outside of your partner.

Source: Instagram @andreacerioli_official

Source: Instagram @andreacerioli_official

“Your partner is your best friend, but shouldn’t be your ONLY friend.” –Teaquanox

Always stick to your guns and beliefs, no matter how much you may want to make it work.

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Source: Twitter @EliteDaily

“If something is important to you, don’t let them convince you otherwise, or think that you’ll be OK without THAT important thing. It could be a hobby, a friend, an opinion, anything. Before long they’ll expect you to give up everything that makes you who you are. NOT WORTH IT!” –Sal_Ammoniac

Don’t settle for a person not compatible with you just because they show interest.

Credit: Lopolo/Shutterstock

Credit: Lopolo/Shutterstock

You’re far better off finding someone you’re compatible with than trying to mold the first person who shows interest into someone you’d actually want to date.” –Just_Move_Out