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Here Are the Wildest Stories People Have Shared on Social Media

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When Oversharing Goes Wrong…

We all know that one person who we just can’t stand on social media. You know, the person who loves babbling about their unfortunate situations. For whatever reason, they love diving into the keyboards and spilling everything from the pits of their stomachs. It’s something we’ll never understand. We managed to pile up some of the craziest stories shared on social media. These stories will surely blow you away.

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Live-Tweeting From the Toilet?

bad stomach ache

Source: Twitter / @1_daughter

Here’s a story of a woman who had a terrible case of diarrhea. Apparently, she unabashedly posted her ordeal on Twitter for everyone to read.

She also once live posted throughout the day when she got Diarrhea. Like the first post “Not feeling so great in my ass this morning” and then the posts for the rest of the day were variations of

“Still shitting, I can’t believe this”

“butthole is ON FIRE”

“Shitting again”

“OMG my intestines are cramping SOoOOoo bad, typing this from toilet”

No Backdoor Entry?

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Here, a woman vented on Twitter because she was tired of guys asking whether she would be down to perform anal.

Girl posted about how she didn’t like taking it up the butt, and that she was announcing this fact so that future boys would stop asking her to put it up the butt.