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Here Are the Wildest Stories People Have Shared on Social Media

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Woman Cheats on Husband With Subway Employee


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Maybe she wanted a footlong?

Ahh this trainwreck girl I went to high school with. My brother and I have coworkers who add her just for the pure entertainment value. She’s tamed down because she recently had a baby (much to society’s dismay). But, among other things she’s live updated her facebook feed on: cheating on her husband, justifying her decision to do so because the guy works at subway and was going to be the manager soon, so he’s better than her husband anyway, her cat’s labor, the subsequent rekindling of her marriage, her blowout fight with her SIL and brother over them apparently not allowing her to see her niece, her brain tumor, her multiple ear infections, how drunk she is(x1000)

School Janitor For the Win?

janitor cleaning

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A janitor? This completely left us stunned.

girl on facebook went on a rant about how her boyfriend is shit and embarrassed her and he totally has a tiny c*ck etc…

He replied that he dumped her because after being together for 4 years she fucked her college dorms janitor.

She replied that he’s just making shit up because he’s salty that he couldn’t keep up with her anymore.

He posted screen shots of her texts with the janitor including a pic she sent the guy of her sucking his d*ck saying “remember lol :P”

girl flipped her f*cking mind claimed he photo shopped it, and deleted her Facebook.

When Giving Labor Goes Wrong.


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This is why some men prefer to just wait in the lobby.

A girl I went to high school with live-tweeted during her entire labor. Updates every ten minutes about how dilated she was, how badly she felt like she had to push, how terrified she was that she was going to poop on the table, lol oops she DID poop on the table…