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Here’s What Bartenders REALLY Think About Your Drink Order

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Bottoms Up!

A few years ago, a viral article came out expressing the humorous and true confessions of how badly bartenders judge us while making our drinks, and it opened up our eyes to a few things.

The art of bartending is underrated in many bars across the United States today. Or maybe the blame falls on the drunk clients who cause a mess, are difficult to work with, and are usually not worth the effort it takes to keep them happy.

Just imagine how frustrating it is to be at a crowded bar on a weekend, waiting for who knows how long to get the bartender’s attention and get served. Now imagine being the bartender (or maybe there are two behind the bar) having to deal with the loud, obnoxious, intoxicated, never-ending swarm of people demanding hundreds of combinations of drinks from them. Yeah, it’s not easy.

Bartenders are humans too, and just because they’re friendly-as-can-be (sometimes) while making our drink, that doesn’t mean they don’t have their own thoughts about the many mixtures of liquor we’re drinking. Bartenders of Reddit were asked what they REALLY think about our drink orders… and you might just rethink your next drink!

bartenders hate your order

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What does your order say about you?

Drunk in the City

sex and the city martini

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I started bartending right when sex and the city was every girls favorite show and slew of newly minted 21yo girls who ordered cosmos to be just like Carrie was pretty funny. The looks on their face when they took a sip of a drink that is almost entirely straight booze and realize that pink doesn’t mean sweet was even funnier. (lqdizzle)

On the Mend

vodka cranberry

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I always order a screwdriver or vodka cranberry. What does that say about me? (WhateverIlldoIt)

That you have a uti and wanna get drunk while you cure it. (coitusFelcher)