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Here’s What J.K. Rowling Had to Say About Banning Trump From the UK

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A Right to Be Bigoted

The world is torn over Donald Trump.

His supporters are fervent, dedicated, and angry. The silent majority has never been louder than they are at his rallies or while vindicating his hate speech on their social media. Trump is a powerful spark they believe who will reignite America’s greatness, though they ignore just what kind of America Trump would surely create.

His opposition is equally vocal, both fearful and flabbergasted that the business mogul has come so far on a platform of bigotry and vitriol that promises (emptily) to defend America, not against enemies foreign and domestic but rather against immigrants, progress, and tolerance that represent the end of a bygone way of life so many white middle-class Americans still hold dear.

Plenty of politicians, activists, and celebrities have weighed in with their opinions on Donald Trump and his campaign, and now Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling has joined in with her two cents. Her opinion, however, is very different than what we’ve heard so far or what you might expect based on feelings she’s previously expressed.

So does she support him? This will really get you thinking.

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Here’s what she had to say. Do you agree with her?

Banning Trump

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In January, the British Parliament actually debated a viral petition that would bar Trump from entering the United Kingdom. While the debate did not include any formal voting and was more of a platform that allowed members of Parliament to express their feelings on the American personality-turned-politician, it was a sign of just how ridiculous the American primary was shaping up to be, and how Trump was turning the American political system into show business.

The petition that inspired the debate garnered over half a million signatures.

The Debate

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Members of Parliament were torn when it came down to Trump’s political platform and strategy.

Some, like Tulip Siddiq, were worried. “This is not any man we’re talking about,” she warned, “This is a man who is extremely high profile, involved in the American show business industry for years and years, a man who is interviewing for the most important job in the world. His words are not comical. His words are not funny. His words are poisonous. They risk inflaming tension between vulnerable communities.”

Others acknowledged his uncanny success. “In the race to become the next president, he’s been gaining support with a political manner that can be described as blunt directness,” said member Philip Davies. “He is definitely straight-talking, and as a Yorkshireman I certainly applaud him for that, too. In fact, I think in this country we could do with rather less political correctness and much more straight-talking across the board, and I think many of our constituents would agree.”

But it wasn’t just British lawmakers who felt the need to comment on the contentious character of Donald Trump. Author, activist, and philanthropist J.K. Rowling also got involved…