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Here’s What Jesus Really Looked Like

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The trouble about historical figures is that their appearance could only be captured through certain media of the time, and the paintings, sculptures, and written descriptions don’t always add up to the same whole.

Through the ages, depictions of famous figures of the past have changed vastly based on the styles and fashions of the era as well as due to the specific interpretations of a given artist, not to mention any political agendas that may have determined what iconography could be created and displayed.

For example, take Jesus. Believed to have been born between 7 and 2 BC and to have died some 30-odd years later, Jesus has gone on to become one of the most depicted art subjects of all time. Problem is, his image has changed constantly over time. Luckily for us, British scientists and Israeli archaeologists teamed together using forensic anthropology to bring us the “real” face of Jesus, and he looks like this…

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Meet Real Jesus

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Turns out we whitewashed Jesus. Not surprisingly, artists’ depictions of him would have been influenced by their culture, place, and time, largely ignoring that he was a first-century Jew born in the Middle East. Popular images of him with pale white skin, light-colored eyes, and fair hair simply don’t make sense, as such a rare appearance would have surely been noted in the Bible, which instead suggests he looked no different than his disciples.

Medical artist Richard Neave worked with archaeologists to make the cast from a skull of a Galilean Semite and ultimately reconstruct how the face of Jesus may have been.

So let’s take a look to learn what Jesus did and did not look like.

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I always thought these 20th century depictions were a bit strange, all that makeup…