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Here’s Why Teal Pumpkins Are So Important for Trick-or-Treaters This Halloween

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Making the Pledge

teal pumpkin project pledge

Source: Facebook @Teal Pumpkin Project

Participating is easy. Simply by placing a teal pumpkin outside of your house, you signify to trick-or-treaters and parents alike that you are a household that will supply non-food items that will make Halloween safe and fun for all. Some ideas include stickers, glow sticks, or other small toys that don’t pose the threat of a food allergy. This keeps Halloween inclusive and enjoyable, even for the children who can’t participate in the traditional way.

The pledge reads:

“This Halloween, I pledge to show, some extra kindness to the kids I know. I’ll get some non-food treats at the store, like glow sticks, bracelets, stickers and more! I will put my teal pumpkin out on proud display, on my porch, in a window, or on a bale of hay. My teal pumpkin means I support children with food allergies, because all kids deserve to have a safe, happy Halloween.”

You can print out the pledge here or even order a teal pumpkin for your home!

Here’s how big of a sensation the Teal Pumpkin Project has become…


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Starting as a small project in 2014, families now proudly display their teal pumpkins across the nation and world. This interactive map shows where there are homes and neighborhoods participating, and it also lets you put your home on the map in order to let families with food allergies in your area know that it’s safe to trick-or-treat by you!

Learn more about the Teal Pumpkin Project community on their Facebook page to network and get inspired with how to make Halloween at your house safe and fun for all kids.

We love this idea. As Halloween and other childhood traditions come under fire for safety concerns, it’s amazing to see such passionate activism that makes the holiday more inclusive instead of trying to put a stop to it completely. Halloween is a great time of year for so many kids, and now the #1in13 can feel free to join their friends while trick-or-treating, and their parents won’t have to worry about their fear of missing out or any life-threatening allergic reactions.

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