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Hey Redditors! What Was Cool in the ’90s That’s Still Cool Today?

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I Love the ’90s.

In four years, the nineties will have started 30 years ago. We are now living closer to 2040 than we are to 1990. Needless to say, we aren’t as young as we think we are.

Now that I have your attention, let’s look at the bright side: The ’90s are still all around us. From fashion and music to TV programs and even the people sitting around you, ’90s nostalgia is strong and ever-present.

While the ’90s may feel far away, they’ll never truly leave us. All you have to do is look around to see remnants of the bygone decade. Redditors were asked to give examples of things that were cool in the ’90s and are still cool today… how many of these can YOU relate to?

90s boy tomagochi

Source: Twitter @The90sLife

It’s a blast from the past… and present!

Extremely Cool

90s boy tomagochi internet

Source: Twitter @Brunser19/ @The90sLife

Using the word “extreme” to market a rather mild product. (anglenuy)

I recently saw a microwavable pasta meal marketed as ‘extreme’. I bought it and was very underwhelmed. (PM_ME_UR_KIDNEYS)

Would you say you were extremely underwhelmed? (DigitalMariner)

Cup of Joe

friends central perk

Source: Warner Bros. Television

Drinking coffee and going to cafés (alisonandkenya)

Coffee culture really kicked into gear in the 90’s. (a6sinthe)