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High School Guys Protest Sexist Dress Code By Wearing Dresses

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The School Board Isn’t Going To Budge

You’d think that in the 21st century, a school board that made a not-so-politically-correct decision would listen when its students when they protest, but not the Clovis Unified School District. The CUSD denied to reform their decision on the dress code, stating rather that “If a student has come to the administration, we’ll work with them to make sure that they have an environment on campus that allows them to express themselves with the gender in which they identify.”

Seems like they’re kind of missing the whole point, that students shouldn’t have to single themselves out by going to the administration in the first place over something so trivial as what they’re wearing.

Unfortunately, the students weren’t exactly free from persecution while they wore their gender-bender outfits around campus.

Keep reading to find out how for some students, their non-traditional outfits landed them in the principals office.

These Girls Were Written Up For Wearing Shirts That Said “Dress Code Sucks”

High School Boys Dress Like Girls To Protest Sexist Dress Code

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Obviously this was the more aggressive, impolite approach to the protest movement, so even though it was probably a LITTLE drastic to write the girls up, you can’t say that they didn’t see it coming.

However, one of the girls who was written up said that many of the teachers were responsive to the protest, allowing time for productive conversations about the dress code. “On Monday, most of us had meetings with our school faculty and we discussed the events that took place and how we should approach them. We hope to help our school board see and listen to our goal, which is to have a gender neutral dress code.”

One School Board Representative Was Even Proud Of The Kids For Protesting

High School Boys Dress Like Girls To Protest Sexist Dress Code

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“We are dedicated to raising students to be good citizens. Part of being a good citizen is the ability to express yourself when you’re not happy with a decision and we respect that.”

You can’t argue with that logic, Kelly Avants! While the district is confident that their current stance on dress code is sound, I’m sure that soon enough the ACLU legal team will have a hell of a lawsuit to bring against them, especially considering a student named William Pleasant was denied enrollment to the PUBLIC SCHOOL because his hair was too long.

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