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And the Best Goal of the Year Goes to…

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soccer goal of the year

Source: YouTube @ryodo1110

Even if you’re not a soccer fan, there are times when you just have to appreciate the jogo bonito.

The following clip comes from Japan, and it’s making rounds on the internet after already being considered the best goal of October 2015… or of the entire year so far. Watch below and you’ll see why.

Two attacking players move the ball down the field using only headers; the ball doesn’t even touch the pitch. The well-placed headers set up the striker for the goal of his life when he juggles over the defender and sets himself up for a volley, which then goes in perfectly at the left corner.

The craziest part? This is a high school championship.

The clip, which has garnered over 2.2 million views in just over a week, is from the Okayama prefectural tournament for the 94th national high school championship. And that high schooler just put it in the upper 90 from 25 yards out.

Did he even break a sweat? Watch this beautiful goal for yourself below and don’t forget to SHARE.

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