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Hilarious Pictures Prove Traveling Is Better With Toy Dinosaurs

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Turn Your Vacation Into the Land Before Time

Humans have always been fascinated by dinosaurs. Considering how long they’ve been extinct for, it’s very interesting that, especially as children, we’re inundated with dinosaur movies, stuffed animals, books, toys — the list goes on.

What is it about these majestic, larger-than-life creatures from our ancient world that keeps us captivated even 65 million years later? For the most part, their sheer size, power, and diversity allow us to keep them very much alive inside of our imagination.

Now, people are bringing dinosaurs back to life by artfully including them in their vacation photos, that is, by including dinosaur toys in the pictures. The result is so simple but entertaining; we know we’ll be packing dinos on our next trip!

dinos 11

Source: imgur/ ShadowBun

Jurassic Park or your family road trip? You decide!

Plastic toys, or ancient kings of the Earth reclaiming their territory?

dinos 5

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Conquering streams and waterfalls.

dinos 7

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