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Hilarious Poorly Spaced Writing

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Proper Kerning For Your Learning!

Beware improper kerning (the technical term for the spacing between your letters and words.) If there’s not enough space OR too much, not only can the meaning of your message fall apart, but you could also end up the laughing stock of the internet – or really regretting the investment of your new signage.

And now that you know about kerning, you’ll see kerning fails everywhere you go, like this one…

kerning fail

Source: Imgur


None of these guys paid attention to spaces between their letters, and now we’re reading something VERY different in between the lines…

I kern’t even handle these fails…

Clint also has a gluten allergy.

kerning fail

Source: Imgur/@reibusu

Esurance’s new marketing team is nailing it.

kerning fail

Source: Imgur/@fergus30