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Hilarious Twitter Account Lists All the Horrible Things That Are Still Not as Bad as Trump

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Anyone But Trump

It’s an election year, and that means all you’ll hear or read about in the news is politics, especially when the remaining candidates have such strong and contested personalities.

We can safely say that no other candidate has been drawing as much attention as Donald Trump, both the overwhelming positivity of his supporters and the constant scrutiny of those who oppose him, the platform he is running on, and the ideologies he stands for.

But how bad is Donald Trump, really? Certainly, that depends on your personal beliefs and the qualities you’re looking for in a candidate. While we might not know how bad he really is, beyond all the media hype and hyperbolic statements he makes, we do know about some awful things we’re all familiar with that still aren’t as bad as Trump.

donald trump at rally with tweet

Credit: Mark Lyons/ Getty Images/ Twitter @NotAsBadAsTrump

None of these terrible things are as bad as Donald.

We’ve All Been There

things as bad as trump waving

Source: Twitter @NotAsBadAsTrump

“when you wave back at someone only to realize they were actually waving at someone behind you”

Ooh Mooey Mooey I Love You!

things as bad as trump jar jar binks

Source: Twitter @NotAsBadAsTrump

“Jar Jar Binks”