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What a Video Conference Call Would Look Like in Real Life…

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Sounds Like Someone Just Joined.

video call conference call 1

Source: YouTube @ Tripp and Tyler

Anybody that deals with videoconferencing at work knows both the joys and pains of trying to have a virtual conversation.

Problems are both in-person and technological, ranging from muted microphones to poor connection, and they’re bound to make for uncomfortable moments with your coworkers.

While it might be intriguing to see into your coworkers’ houses and apartments, chances are it also gives you a voyeuristic glimpse into their private lives, which might be a little TMI for some people. Video conferences also pull people from all different situations, such as traffic or poor hotel WiFi, and even before the call starts, you know you’re headed towards disaster.

Comedians Tripp and Tyler made this hysterical YouTube video about what video conference calls would be like in real life. If this isn’t a perfect representation of work calls, I don’t know what is.

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I Think Your Mic Is Muted.

video call conference call 2

Source: YouTube @Tripp and Tyler

Every faulty conference call starts with the one guy who can’t figure out the settings on his own computer. He starts off muted, but then even when he figures out his mic, it picks up feedback and starts that terrible echoing noise. This guy is most likely from an older generation.

I Think Tyler’s Frozen.

video call conference call 3

Source: YouTube @Tripp and Tyler

Honestly, better to miss the call than to be frozen the whole time, most likely stuck in some hideous position that everyone else gets to look (and laugh) at for the rest of the call.