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Hillary Clinton Proves That She’s a *Real* New Yorker

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Where people ride in a hole in the ground…

Ah, New York City. From Bronx to Battery Park, New York is a truly majestic place, filled with the tastes of all the world’s cuisines (and garbage), the smell of roasted nuts (and garbage), and, of course, the endless sights of NYC landmarks (and garbage). We’re 8.5 million strong, and love it or hate it, we wouldn’t change New York for the world.

As presidential candidates continue to travel the country to woo voters, they’re expected to show the locals that they care about the community values and cultures, often donning representative garb or participating in traditional events.

Though she lives some 30 miles north of Manhattan, Hillary Clinton passed through NYC this week and, as part of her trip, took the 4 train from 161st Street/Yankee Stadium to the next station, and boy did she convince us that she’s about as New York as they come.

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Credit: Scott Eisen/ Getty Images/ Tupungato/ Shutterstock

Oh wait, never mind…

During a recent trip to New York, Hillary’s people decided it would be a good PR move to have her take the subway.

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Source: Twitter @danmericaCNN

Unfortunately for her, things didn’t go as smoothly as planned when she failed not once but five times to swipe her Metrocard correctly to get onto the platform.

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Source: Twitter @danmericaCNN