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Holiday Magic or Manipulation? Supermarket’s Commercial Goes Viral.

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The Grandpa Who Stole Christmas

Each year as the holidays roll around, companies and organizations have a new chance to make a lasting Christmas campaign that will stick with us for years.

Everybody knows the Campbell’s Soup ad with the snowman that turns out to be a cold little boy, or the Hershey’s Kisses ad where the holiday-themed chocolates play “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” like a bell choir. But this year, it would seem, one company tried to make things a little darker.

erman grandpa christmas commercial intro

Source: YouTube @EDEKA

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Alone for Christmas

edeka german grandpa christmas commercial 1

Source: YouTube @EDEKA

Posted on YouTube by the German supermarket company Edeka on November 28, the smash video has already garnered over 26.8 million views.

Being called an “emotional roller coaster” and “emotionally manipulative,” the commercial combines the sorrows and joys of the Christmas season with a powerful, if unexpected, message that leaves the viewer speechless after watching.

Ghost of Christmas Present

edeka german grandpa christmas commercial2

Source: YouTube @EDEKA

We all know the feeling: being too caught up in our busy lives to take the time for each and every person, even during the holiday season. The commercial begins with a cute old grandpa listening to his answering machine only to find that his family won’t be able to make it for Christmas…again.

The commercial takes a turn for the worst when the old man’s adult children begin receiving calls, and based on their tearful reactions, we can only assume the worst. Unfortunately, it would seem that only tragedy could bring this family together for Christmas.

That’s when the commercial throws a real curveball…