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Horrifying Gross Gym Facts. You’ll Never Want to Work Out Again.

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New Year’s Resolution: Stay Away from the Gym.

We all know how important exercise is for your body, mind, and lifestyle. But what we don’t often stop to think about is exactly what we’re bargaining for the second we walk into a gym.

Many people will tell you that the positives outweigh the benefits when it comes to joining a gym and working out however many times a week, but more often than not, they can’t see the real dangers and straight up GROSS stuff surrounding them when they use a piece of equipment or hit the showers.

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Till the Sweat Drop Down My…

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Source: Twitter @SkinBodyRenewal

Everybody sweats. That’s totally normal, and in fact necessary for our bodies to work healthily and correctly. But some people sweat a lot more than others, and more still don’t know how to clean their sweaty bodies, or the surfaces they’ve left their sweat on.

The reason why sweat—and many gyms—smells is because sweat is filled with bacteria, which sweaty people also leave all over machines, benches, and mats. Yuck.

Poop. Also Everywhere.

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Turns out people are pretty foul. One study of climbing gyms found that every single location they sampled at random between New England and North Carolina contained so much fecal matter in the climbing holds that it could be best described as “fecal veneer.” Pass.

Speaking of poop…