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Horrifying Gross Gym Facts. You’ll Never Want to Work Out Again.

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The Gym Makes You Go

disgusting gym facts bathroom go


Exercise loosens up your body and gets all your systems working in high gear. This means that it’s one of the best natural ways to clean out your intestines and bladder, which means you’ll have to use the bathroom if you haven’t recently.

Mat Attack

disgusting gym facts yoga mat


Gyms are diligent about disinfecting equipment, machines, weights, and even exercise balls, but time after time, studies have shown that communal mats seem to get the short end of the stick.

Doctors have reported all too often that patients will come in with skin infections, athlete’s foot, or plantar warts, and the first question they will ask is “Do you do yoga?”

Public mats are positively drenched in old sweat and seas of bacteria and other harmful organisms invisible to the human eye. Your new motto? BYOM. Bring your own mat. Save your skin now.

Dirty Clothes

disgusting gym facts gym clothes

Source: Twitter ‏@capsiplex_sport

True, so you never have to wash pants, but gym clothes should be high priority on your laundry list.

Unfortunately, one study found that 16% of gym goers don’t wash their clothes in between workouts. Like, at all. So the next time you see someone with salt stains in their shorts from previous workouts, just remember you’re using the same bench as them.