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‘Hot Grandpa’ Pics Are Taking Over The Internet

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This IRL G.I. Joe Just Stole The Internet’s Heart

After one Reddit user shared a photograph of his grandfather in the 1950s as he was ‘getting ready to be deploy to Korea,’ it’s easy to see why the G.I.’s swoon-worthy headshot quickly went viral — just look at that sparkling smile, those dapper dimples and his overall handsome vintage, square-shouldered look.

hot grandpa vintage photo

Credit: Imgur/@DerekSchwendmeman

But as it turns out Derek Schwendeman’s grandfather isn’t the only gramps that makes the Internet totally weak in the knees. After his photo racked up over 3 million views, other users started uploading their own silver-screen-worthy ancestors, and we couldn’t be happier about the new #HotGrandpa trend.

They might be octogenarians now, but it doesn’t mean we can’t admire them back in the day!

I’d boogie-woogie with THAT bugle boy.

sexy grandpa

Credit: Imgur @NeverNonplussed

They just don’t make ’em like they used to.

hot grandpa

Source: Instagram @carolinepaetzold