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How God Created Animals According to Twitter…

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Where do animals come from?

As children, one of the very first things we learn about as we grow curious about the world is animals. Though our understanding may be basic at first, doggies, kitties, and horsies fill the world around us with beauty and diversity, with birdies in the sky and fishies in the sea. But where do they all come from?

Depending on our families, friends, and schools, we may learn very different origin theories about the plant and animal worlds. Flora and fauna might just be as natural as you or me, or they might be divinely inspired and created by the Big Man himself. Or perhaps it was a combination of the two.

When it comes to the Twitterverse, however, people had some very *different* ideas about the origin of species, and regardless of what you’ve been taught, these are some gut-wrenching theories you NEED to read.

twitter animals snake

Source: Twitter @themiltron/pixabay

The origin of species according to man!


twitter animals hippo

Source: Twitter @thetits

[God inventing the hippo]

How bout a fat horse that’s always trying to sneak up on you in a pool (@thetits)


twitter animals kitten

Source: Twitter @Dahmerscookpot/

God creating kittens
G-make them really fluffy & adorable like little furry hugs
Angel-that’s so swee..
G-& put razor blades on their feet (@Dahmerscookpot)