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How Much the World Spends on Food That Doesn’t Get Eaten

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Is the world spending too much money on food?

Writer Faith D’Aluision and her husband Peter Menzel should win the award for social experiment of the century! Whether it was their intention or not, they are showing the world just how much food our society wastes through their recent photographic project, “Hungry Planet: What the World Eats,” which came to fruition in 2006.

The couple took photos of numerous families from different countries around the globe after they went shopping for their average week’s worth of groceries. It’s no secret that every culture is different, but the amount of food waste that some are contributing is shocking!

How Much the World Spends on Food That Doesn't Get Eaten

Source: amazing-stories

Is it the cost, or are we just wasteful?

The Melander Family – Germany

Source: amazing-stories

Source: amazing-stories

This family of 4 spends a whopping $500.07 a week on groceries.

The Kutten-Kass Family – Luxembourg

Source: amazing-stories

Source: amazing-stories

Coming in at $465.84 a week, it only makes sense to wonder how 4 people could possibly be taking in this much within a 7 day period.