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How Old Are You? Here’s What Other People Already Accomplished by Then

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18 Years Old

age 18


Franz Schubert already wrote about 200 songs, including some of his best work (1815).

Edgar Allan Poe published his first book of poetry (1827).

Billy the Kid had already been charged with 12 murders (1877).

Aretha Franklin began singing professionally (1960).

21 Years Old

age 21

Source: Twitter @Gizmodo

Robert Browning published his first poetry (1833).

Edison created his first invention (1868/69).

Steve Jobs co-founded Apple Computer (1976).

25 Years Old

age 25


P. T. Barnum began a career in show business (1835).

Charles Lindbergh flew solo across the Atlantic (1927).

Orson Welles cowrote, directed, and starred in Citizen Kane (1941).