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How to Comfort a Sad Person in Ten Easy Steps

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It’s unfortunate that depression and sadness is everywhere. We all have our bad days, but some of us are afflicted with a mental disorder that’s a lot more than just a funk. A lot of friends and family are usually uncomfortable, confused, or  around people facing  because they don’t know how to support them – walking on eggshells makes both parties uncomfortable.

John Saddington who is a “human” and “hacker” had made this comic that is going viral around social media. His most shared post is “How To: Care for Little Sad Person,” which gives advice to how to comfort someone you know who is down. I encourage you to check out his website that is really interesting, insightful and educational.


Source: Imgur/John Saddington

Be supportive of a sad person in your life

Grab a large comfy blanket


Source: Imgur/John Saddington

If you are strong and they are lightweight, carry them. If not, hold their hand and guide them


Source: Imgur/John Saddington