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How To Make Sure You’re Raising An Adult, And Not A Grown-Up Baby

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3. Thou Shalt Let Your Child Manage His Own Schedule


As your kids pile up more and more coursework and extracurriculars into their schedule, make sure to let them know that you’re there to support them, but don’t lay out all the groundwork in the management of their time and energy yourself. You’re not going to be there when they’re balancing 5 syllabi their first semester with 5 unique sets of coursework, expectations, and deadlines, so do them a favor and let them figure out how to navigate this area on their own while you’re around to make sure they don’t screw up TOO badly!

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4. Thou Shalt Let Your Child Do Her Own Laundry


Laundry is the obvious chore every college freshman struggles with, but it’s just an example of a larger theme of domestic responsibilities that they’re going to need to recognize and own up to in order to get along with their roommates — there will be no maid, I MEAN, mom, in college.

5. Thou Shalt Let Your Child Settle His Own Problems With Friends


Now, we’re not saying you let your child regress to the recess fight-club of generations past, but if every time your child gets in a tiff with a friend or a disagreement with a group project partner you swoop in to dry tears and mend wounds.