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I Had No Idea Your KIDS Sitting Like This Was So Bad For Them!

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As parents, we are often paranoid about what is good or bad for our children. With some many of us adults with back and other joint problems, we don’t want our kids to grow up with the same pains. There is a certain sitting position that children often do that is harmful for them. Check out the incorrect position and some alternatives that are healthier. I wish my parents knew about this when I was a little girl.

little kids sitting on the floor

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Stop your kids doing this right now!

The “W” position

child in w position

Source: Instagram @marcellahh

As seen here, their legs make a “W” shape as they bend their knees and fold their legs out. While this position may be comfortable for kids as they sit on the floor to play, it’s super harmful for their bodies. It places a lot of strain on their hips, knee, ankles, and spine. Apparently this position weakens their bones. Catch your children early on so they don’t get stuck in this bad habit! But it’s never too late to instill proper posture in your child.

Trunk rotation

drawing of trunk rotation

Source: Twitter @quaystmassage

The “W” with their legs prevents them from being able to easily shift their weight and achieve what is known as a “trunk rotation” in back exercises. The “trunk rotation” gently stretch the muscles in the lower back and core, which helps increase flexibility and is recommended for everyone.