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If Girls Were Honest on Social Media…

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“#Bronzed… and now I smell like a combination of dirty socks and burnt caramel.”

sketchshe bronzed

Source: YouTube @SketchShe

Was she just at the beach? Nope, that #TBT beach pic was from last year, and she’s been in the tanning salon all winter! Does somebody smell cotton candy…?

“This is my natural and everyday makeup look… which takes an hour and a half, 35 different products, and a pair of false lashes #Effortless”

sketchshe natural

Source: YouTube @SketchShe

It only took me two hours of a strict morning routine to be able to say “I woke up like this.”

Here’s SketchShe’s hilarious new video, “HONEST Social Media.” Do you know anybody who reminds you of these girls?

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