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If Tim Burton Were In Charge of Disney…

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A Whole New (Dark, Scary) World.

Who didn’t grow up with Disney films, their magical plots, unforgettable songs, and happily ever afters? Come to think of it, maybe Tim Burton didn’t.

Famous for his bleak, stark, and beautiful films that differ from the traditional color schemes and plots of “children’s movies,” Tim Burton has brought us classics such as Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands, and The Nightmare Before Christmas. His traditionally darker productions aren’t for everybody, but those of us who love them find ourselves coming back time and time again.

Now, thanks to artist Andrew Tarusov, whose work we’ve featured before, the happy singsong worlds of Disney and the creepier worlds of Burton collide!

tim burton disney aladdin

Source; Facebook/ Andrew Tarusov Pin-Up & Illustration

Which of these would you want to see?

Looks more like Beauty and the Babadook

tim burton disney beauty and the beast

Source; Facebook/ Andrew Tarusov Pin-Up & Illustration

The movie would be a never-ending sequence of the nightmarish “Pink Elephants” scene…

tim burton disney dumbo

Source; Facebook/ Andrew Tarusov Pin-Up & Illustration