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If Your Favorite Disney Characters Had Instagram…

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The Second Filter to the Right.

Thanks to social media, many of us are able to capture specific moments of our life, share them with the world, and edit and filter them to make it look like we’re already living our happily ever after.

But what if that were really the case, and you didn’t have to pretend? One artist imagined just that, and who better to take the picture selfies and Instagram posts than your favorite Disney characters?

Cinderella WOULD be obsessed with shoes, and go figure Herc is that gym rat we all follow. Artist Simona Bonafini has done an awesome job imagining Disney princesses, heroes, and villains in our 21st-century world, and she has tons of other art on her Facebook page.

disney instagram 7

Source: Facebook/ Simona Bonafini Illustrations

Start the slideshow below to see your favorite Disney characters’ Instagram accounts, then SHARE!

Greek God

disney instagram 1

Source: Facebook/ Simona Bonafini Illustrations

Hercules would be the one gym rat I might consider not unfollowing. Love the HERO phone case.

Mirror, Mirror

disney instagram 2

Source: Facebook/ Simona Bonafini Illustrations

Evil Queen’s eyebrows on fleek.