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In America, It’s Easier to Get a Gun Than…

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Guns are out of control.

Sadly, it takes a tragedy to get people talking about gun violence in America. What’s worse, these tragedies happen so often that gun control is an everyday topic, with nearly 150 mass shootings reported in the country so far in 2016. There’s still half a year to come.

Each time one of these mass shootings makes headlines, citizens become split between defending their constitutional rights and condemning the senseless violence that could be so easily prevented.

As senators and lawmakers continue to do nothing to stop the violence, these shootings keep happening, but the problem isn’t just with illegal guns. In fact, many of the weapons used in recent mass shootings were purchased legally, which goes to show just how easy it is for a deadly firearm to wind up in the hands of somebody who plans to use it for no good.

But just how easy is it to buy a gun? Compared to other commonplace things in our society, it turns out that guns are far easier to obtain than things that should be basic human rights, including necessities like medicine. While gun stores in some states have requirements that may slow down your purchase, buying from private sellers in many areas of the country is as easy as pie.

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These will really put gun control into perspective.

A Pet

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While you can buy small pets such as fish without virtually any effort, taking an animal into your home is a huge commitment. In many places, you must be at least 21 to buy a pet (with ID to prove it), and you may even have to provide references or allow a home check from the pet adoption agency.

When it comes to guns, however, it’s a different story. You will probably need to show your ID to prove your age, but you won’t need references or a home check. Laws will help you get a deadly weapon before that cute puppy you’ve always wanted.

A Passport

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Want to take a trip out of the country? You’ll need to plan ahead and give yourself plenty of time to get your passport first. This lengthy process includes proving you’re a citizen, providing various paperwork and personal information, getting proper photos taken, and then waiting between one and two months for your passport to arrive.

But why wait for that vacation when you can get a gun in no time? Most gun stores will run your name through an FBI background check, and, if you’re all clear, you’ll be the proud owner of a lethal firearm in a matter of minutes. Save even more time by going to a private seller, who probably won’t run a background check.