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Insane Accounts of Students Being the Teacher’s Worst Nightmare

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School Is Now in Session.

As long as organized schools have existed, students and teachers have always been at odds.

Though the relationship between an educator and a pupil is often a beautiful thing—as crucial to the latter’s social and cerebral development in youth as it is for the former’s development in their adult years—we all know that these two are not without their problems.

When we were kids, it was easy to say and believe that problems in the classroom were caused by having an overly-strict, terrible teacher, but as we grow older and as we or our friends become teachers, the truth becomes much clearer.

Teachers were asked to share their worst student horror stories, and they’ll truly make you wonder about where our future generations are headed.

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Source: Twitter @njdotcom

Do you relate more to the students or teachers here?

Snuffy1717: Had his mom write an essay for him (his brother had done the same thing a year earlier in my class)…

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Source: Twitter @HuffingtonPost

“I, of course, can’t call either them on it… But I can sit down and waste my time circling, correcting, editing and poking holes through every single mistake she made (most of which were done because she had no clue what the actual topic of the essay was about – nor did she correctly cite any of her work).

Infuriating because I have to waste my time working on that s**t… But oddly satisfying when it came time for the parent/teacher interview… I told her that the essay seemed to be plagiarized, but that it was so poorly done that it wasn’t worth investigating.”

uttuck: Last semester I had a kid come into my worst class and try to start a fight with a another kid. I taught freshman last semester.

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Source: Twitter @Nigel_Lane

“He knocked and I opened the door. He starts pushing his way in and I ask if I can help him. He just puts his hand out to my chest and starts trying to walk me back and looking around. He then asks his “which one of you is (name)?” And keeps pushing. I realized he was starting something, so I put both hands up and try to push him out to the hall before he gets killed by the 18 year old psycho still taking freshman English that he is looking for. Of course that guy is already out of the desk walking towards us. The kid immediately starts saying “stop touching me, you can’t touch me. I’ll sue the school”. While trying to get around me to fight the other kid who is now taking smack.

I kept them apart but the combination of both of them trying to fight through me while cursing at each other and the random kid who wasn’t mine also whining that I couldn’t touch him made me see red for like twenty minutes.”