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Insane Accounts of Students Being the Teacher’s Worst Nightmare

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KGShaw: I get dry eyes very often which makes them red from time to time. This kid comes up to me in the corridor and asks me if I’m high. Goes on to tell everyone around him that I’m “baked”. I laughed it off and told him to head to class.

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“So at the end of the day I get approached by my department head and I have to explain what happened because this kid told his teacher and for some reason she actually believed it. My department head knew it was BS but the next week, there was a mandatory drug test for the faculty. We were all clean and the kid got detention for a day. I hope he grows up to be less of a tool.”

GotItFromMyDaddy: When kids act up then you wait for them to calm down and they yell at you to “teach.” As a teacher, few things get under my skin, but that can be one of them.

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Princess_Buttercups: I had a student with anger issues. 1st grader.

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“Once he chucked a text book at another student and caught him right by the eye. The kid ended up needing stitches. So the next time angry child starts getting wound up I call for the principal. I send all of the kids to the other side of the room and placed myself between them and the angry student.

Before the principal arrives he bolts for the book case of text books. I put my arm across the row of text books to prevent him from getting a hold of one and he leans down and bites my arm! I had on a long sleeve shirt and a knit sweater and he bit hard enough to break the skin and draw blood.

The kid then takes off out the door and down the hall. I grabbed some tissues to clean up the blood and pointed out the direction he went to the principal when they finally arrived. I was glad I didn’t have to go after him because I was seeing red!

Luckily he was removed to a day treatment school right after this so I never had to have him in class again.”