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Insane Accounts of Students Being the Teacher’s Worst Nightmare

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smoakbomb: Former teacher. Theft always made me insanely angry.

school theft TheArkGroup

Source: Twitter @TheArkGroup

“Inevitably two or three times a year a cell phone would vanish. The vast majority of my students were poor and the loss of a phone was a significant blow. All of these kids knew each other usually came from the same neighborhoods, grew up together and considered themselves friends. Yet no one would ever speak up. Not once. They’d console their friend as she cried or hold back their friend as he threatened to destroy the room yet they wouldn’t speak up. In their world being a thief is bad but being a snitch is unforgivable.

Strangely, one of the nicest things a student ever did for me involved theft. A brand new pack of Sharpies vanished from my desk during this kid’s class. The next morning this kid comes in with three new packs drops them on my desk and flatly says “I stole you some pens Mr. Smoakbomb.” I start in on the stealing is wrong lecture but he cut me off saying, “Wal-Mart ain’t gonna miss them pens.”

Quasimdo: I teach shop class. We spend the beginning of the school year for at least 3 weeks talking about shop safety.

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“We cover everything- PPE, first aid, fire safety, proper tool handling. I especially stress proper behavior. I warn my students that if they deliberately do something that causes an injury to another student, not only they be expelled, their parents could be sued for damages.

3 weeks into our first project, a student gets pissed at another student and hurls a fucking 2×4 at him.”

misskaitykat: Attacked me for attempting to pick up the phone to call her mother. She repeatedly punched my arm and ended up leaving nail marks on my arm from grabbing me.

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Source: Twitter @CBSNews

“That was only one incident last year- this year she threw a pencil at me which stuck in my leg, told me that she would ‘shove that f**king phone in (my) f**king face” when I pulled out my cell phone to call home instead of using the school phone.

She has thrown instruments around the room (including a guitar), cursed me out and pretend to shoot me using her fingers.

She also wastes the hand soap I have in the room to wash her hands and then flings soap and water over my personal belongings.

Administration has stopped responding when I call about this particular student.”