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Intelligent People Have Messy Rooms And Talk Like Sailors

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Think You Might Be Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?

You probably are. But how can you really know for sure? Yeah, you could take an IQ test or apply to be on the game show (is that still on?), but don’t you wish there was an easier way to prove to the world that you’re a total smarty pants?

Well, thanks to science, there finally is! It turns out that our habits actually say a lot more about our intelligence than we thought. But the things we’re talking about here might not make much sense at first: smarter people stay up late, smarter people get really drunk, smarter people are usually total slobs? This can’t be right, right?


Keep reading to see if your weird habits actually mean you’re a total genius!

Profanity Is Your F**KING Life!


A study published in Language Sciences Journal found a correlation between frequency of profanity used and the size of ones vocabulary. In other words, people who curse often have “a greater vocabulary” than those who don’t, on average.
“Unfortunately, when it comes to taboo language, it is a common assumption that people who swear frequently are lazy, do not have an adequate vocabulary, lack education, or simply cannot control themselves,” the report reads. “The overall finding of this set of studies, that taboo fluency is positively correlated with other measures of verbal fluency, undermines the [normal] view of swearing.”

You’re Basically A Vampire Because You Stay Up So Late

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British publication The Independent published an article describing a study in which 1,000 university of Madrid students were tested and categorized based on their sleep habits. The study found that those students who stayed up late at night on average scored higher in inductive reasoning, which is a good indicator of intelligence, academic performance, and out-of-the-box thinking.

Some famous night owls are President Obama, Charles Darwin, Adolf Hitler, Winston Churchill, James Joyce, Marcel Proust, Keith Richards and Elvis Presley – next time you decide to take an early night, don’t. Or do. I personally LOVE sleeping!