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Interesting Stories From History That You’ve Never Heard Before

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Who Writes History?

We’re familiar with the stories and tales from history that we studied in heavy books throughout or school years or otherwise picked up from TV and movies, but who decides what stories get told to young generations?

Often, we’re stuck learning the same curriculum that was decided years if not decades ago, and many of history’s more interesting anecdotes get lost with time.

Redditors were asked to recall some of their favorite “untold” stories from history, and they came up with some truly amazing tales I certainly never learned in the classroom!

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Still can’t believe the English war hero that let Hitler get away…

Lord Byron the War Hero

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When asked about Lord Byron, many of us will recall his Romantic poetry, perhaps we can even recite a line or two. What we might not know is that, shortly before his death, Lord Byron sympathized with the Greeks and joined their fight for independence agains the Ottoman Empire, funding his own trip to Greece and taking command of part of the army despite lack of military experience. He died a few months later after catching a fever.

Lord Byron also kept a pet bear at Cambridge after being told that dogs were not allowed at the school.

Peter the Eagle

history eagle


The bald eagle whose image we can see on much of our American currency today is rumored to actually be Peter, a bald eagle who lived at the Philadelphia Mint in the 1830s. One day, while perched on a coining press, Peter’s wing was damaged when the machine started suddenly. He later died and was stuffed, and his body has been on display at the mint ever since.