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Interesting Stories From History That You’ve Never Heard Before

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Ghost Turds in Space

history turd

Source: Imgur

While practicing for the real moon landing, Apollo 10 communications had to be halted because a loose turd was floating around the spacecraft.

From the transcript: “Who did it? (Laughter)”

“Where did that come from?”

“Give me a napkin quick. There’s a turd floating through the air.”

Then the astronauts go on to argue about whose it is. Classic.

Russians Falling from the Skies

history yuri

Source: flickr

Whereas Americans often landed their return spacecrafts in the Pacific Ocean during the Space Race, Russians decided to save the time and effort by having their astronauts return back to where they launched from in Kazakhstan. However, this was an imperfect science, and when Yuri Gagarin returned from being the first man in space, he ended up over 180 miles from the designated point.

Schoolgirls on their way home witnessed the reentry module fall from the sky and bounce around before stopping, whereas Gagarin landed in the middle of a farm and had to ask the family to use their phone, after explaining that he, too, was a Soviet.

The Truth About the Parthenon

history parthenon


While looking at the Parthenon, one might think that its “ruined” nature is only appropriate, seeing that its construction began in 447 BC. In reality, the famous structure was fairly intact until 1687, when a Venetian bombardment exploded an Ottoman ammunition storage inside the ancient temple during the Morean War.