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Introducing ‘Dudeoir’: The Male Boudoir Photoshoot

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How Could We Forget?

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Of course, male boudoir photography is nothing new, but it does represent a taboo genre that was historically for women only. Then again, George Costanza broke that double standard back in 1996.

But not everybody was happy after Masika put the photoshoot up on her Facebook

Let the trolling and flagging begin!

male boudoir complaint

Source: Facebook/ Masika May Photography

Masika’s “Dudeoir” album was originally flagged, but she later edited and reposted the photos to observe Facebook’s standards. She also shared some photos on her Instagram.

Traditionally, boudoir photography is known for empowering its subjects, who are almost always amateurs.

male boudoir 3

Source: Facebook/ Masika Allan