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8 Everyday Products You Didn’t Know Were Invented by Kids

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Kids Make the Darndest Things

Have you ever thought of an invention, one you knew would change the world? Sometimes, the hardest part about inventions isn’t dreaming them up, but rather bringing them to fruition.

Who better to think of wild, new creations than kids? With unbounded imaginations and a unique way of seeing the world, it’s not entirely surprising that children are the perfect candidates for finding solutions to problems.

And, with some help from their parents and families, turns out kids can be perfect entrepreneurs, too.

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Here are some popular items you’ll be surprised to learn were made by kids!


inventions earmuffs

Source: Twitter @TandCmag

Your essential winter ally, earmuffs were invented by fifteen-year-old Chester Greenwood in 1873. According to the story, he was ice skating when he had the idea for something to protect his ears from the cold and had his grandma sew tufts of fur to wire. He got a patent for the idea several years later and manufactured earmuffs out of Farmington, Maine for nearly 60 years.

Chester Greenwood Day has been a holiday in Maine since 1977.

Magnetic Locker Decorations

inventions locker

Source: Twitter @offers_cheap

Students love to decorate their school lockers, but using stickers makes for the tiresome task of scraping them off at the end of the year. Back in 2006, Sarah Buckel decided to create a better solution for personalizing lockers, and she dreamt up the idea for magnetic locker decorations and wallpaper before entering high school.

In less than a year of sales at stores like Target, Sarah’s invention had raked in over $1 million.